Alyssa S. Hodges

Missouri Family Law Attorney

Missouri Family Law Attorney Alyssa S. Hodges handles family law matters including pre-nuptial agreements, divorce, modifications of parenting time, and child support. 

Alyssa's extensive knowledge of the tax code provides clarity to financial arrangements made during pre-nuptial and divorce negotiations.

Services Offered

Uncontested Divorce

Uncontested Divorce is an amazing, cost-effective option when the couple agrees to the terms of their deal. This is becoming more and more common, especially in Missouri.

Divorce with litigation

Alyssa's nickname is Fire Breathing Litigator for a reason. She tenaciously defends your case to capture everything you are entitled to. The Fire Breathing Litigator does not back down.

Parenting time

Time with your children is precious. Family law attorney Alyssa S. Hodges fights for your rights for the parenting time that best fits the child's situation.

Modification of judgement

Situations change between the parties and the legal documents need to be updated. Whether your former partner is not complying with the agreement or you changed jobs, an update to the plan is needed.

Pre & Post agreements

Setting the right expectations is essential, especially if there is considerable finances involved.

Minor guardianships

Guardianships for minors are essential for the right circumstance.  Each situation is different, but in each situation the safety of the child is primary.

About  Alyssa S. Hodges

Alyssa Suzanne Hodges is a KC-based family law and divorce attorney. She earned her law degree from the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Law and is pursuing a master's in tax law at Washington University St. Louis School of Law. She has two young children and is a published author.

Ms. Hodges has been on Law Review, the Dean's List, and a competitive negotiations team. She's been an active member of MothersEsquire since 2018 and WealthCounsel since 2020. In 2021, she became a columnist for Above the Law.

Ms. Hodges enjoys preparing for trial and being in the courtroom. However, she believes collaboration is almost always better than leaving a decision up to a judge who doesn't know her client or her client's family dynamics.